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  • 120" diagonal 4:3 electric screen
  • Aluminium case with in-site internal I/R
  • Wall or ceiling easy mounting options
  • Tubular motor
The EGA series screens offer a simple yet elegant design, with functionality the highest priority. EGA screens utilise a single aluminium alloy construction, greatly increasing structural integrity making the screen sturdier and providing smoother operation. Innovative and simple installation makes these screens suitable for most types of environments. ISF certified, they provide superb colour reproduction.


The casing-mounted motor ensures smooth, quiet operation. The screen neatly rolls up or down at the touch of a button.

Superior fabric

The matte white fabric has four different layers, designed to ensure it stays perfectly flat and to prevent reflection and the loss of light. This makes it more effective over longer periods and suitable for numerous applications.

Solid construction (EGA)

EGA screens utilise a single aluminium alloy frame construction, greatly increasing structural integrity for a solid screen with smooth operation. Suitable for most environments, the innovative design allows for horizontal adjustment for a simple installation.

The white casing features a stylish curved profile and a sturdy design that keeps the internal roller perfectly straight and any motor noise to a minimum.

Remote control

Featuring built-in infrared (IR) and supplied with a simple hand held remote, the IR receiver is located on the front of the curved screen casing. For ultimate flexibility, a small external IR eye is included should the screen be installed behind a pelmet or recessed into the ceiling.

12v trigger control

Easy of use, this allows the screen to be activated from any projector or AV control system with a 12 volt output.

Easy installation

Suitable for most environments, this screen can be fitted to a wall or ceiling. The innovative design allows for horizontal adjustment for easy installation.

Integrated control system

The integrated control system includes an in-line switch, built-in remote control, 12v trigger, RS232 and an external infrared (IR) receiver. This all-in-one integrated system guarantees a screen that is suitable for the most demanding applications.


ISF certified for their superb colour reproduction

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