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Industry Art
Region UK
Type of Solution
High brightness short and standard throw projectors for projection mapped art installations.
Installation Company
Elvis Ellis
Elvis is a visual artist from Bristol, UK who works with a host of different mediums, including paint, photography and video. The ideology behind his work is to take something small as a point of conception and transform it into something much bigger. In his mind, each finished piece is a microcosm of a greater web of creation.

Technology transforms art into huge canvas


Acclaimed LA-based British Artist Elvis Ellis wanted to inspire his audience and show “the smallest of ideas can manifest into the biggest of realities”.

His goal was to take a small texture or area from one of his large paintings and then enlarge it, through projection, onto landscapes, objects or still life.

He needed a range of projectors to deliver his art in various scenarios.


Elvis started experimenting with projectors for art in 2016 and initially used his GT1080 short throw home projector.

He has since used multiple Optoma projectors in his work.  These include the short throw models ML750ST, EH200ST and the GT1080e which can create large bright imagery when placed close to the objects.

He also uses the compact but powerful WXGA resolution 5,000-lumen ZW500T projector which features a DuraCore laser light source.  This delivers 20,000 hours in full brightness mode and has an independent IP5X rated dust certification.  With horizontal and vertical lens shift, 1.6x optical zoom and four corner geometric adjustment it is ideal for quick and accurate installation.  It also has a HDBaseT input to simplify cabling requirements and reduce installation complexity further.

Elvis said: “I like these projectors because of their brightness and portability.  I am a huge fan of short throw projectors.  These work well for projecting onto models and still life.  I also take the units outdoors to project onto landscapes and landmarks. Combined with long exposure shutter speed on the camera, they create amazing results.”


Elvis has developed and become known for art that uses projection as a medium.  It allows him to create art that is larger than a traditional canvas. His work takes a strong influence from both his natural surroundings and fashion.  His pieces of work have sold internationally and his projection installations have been seen by thousands at festivals and cultural events worldwide.

Elvis said: “The ideology behind my work is to take something small as a point of conception and transform it into something much bigger.  I have used Optoma projectors in my work for several years now and I love their functionality - especially the MHL feature. This means I do not need to have my laptop attached via a lengthy HDMI cable when in the studio or on location.”

Elvis’ upcoming projects include:

October - Still life studio series in London and a video projection installation in Casablanca.

November - A light projection showcase at Summit downtown in Los Angeles.

December - Book launch and projection installation Art Basel in Miami.

January - Embarking on a landscape projection series worldwide.

Equipment List

ML750ST + EH200ST + ZW500T and GT1080e
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